Healthy Chipotle Pasta

No picture for this one, folks... sorry.  It was so good that we devoured it without even thinking of taking a picture.  I had a friend over, and we wanted to experiment (as we usually do).  We could only use what was in the pantry, and we wanted to be healthy.  Here's the fantastic meal we came up with:

1 cup pre-cooked chicken strips
3/4 box whole wheat pasta
brocolli florets
sweet red pepper, chopped
green beans
olive oil
garlic (2 cloves)
chipotle seasoning
liquid smoke (just a bit)
lemon juice (just a bit)

The amounts of the above ingredients are up to you-- add as much as you want, and whatever looks good.  And the great things about this is you can use whatever vegetables are on hand. 

I warmed the chicken in the microwave while I cooked the pasta.  In a cast-iron skillet, I cooked the peppers and green beans on medium with just a spray of Pam and one clove of garlic, with chipotle seasoning.  Let it blacken just a bit.  In a big skillet I put the other clove of garlic, a bit of lemon juice, a bit of liquid smoke, pepper, salt, and broccoli on medium with the olive oil.  When the chicken and pasta are done, add them to the broccoli.  Add the peppers and green beans.  Stir and add more chipotle seasoning to taste. 

When you're done, you'll have a delicious, peppery, HEALTHY meal!  Most of the ingredients (save for the lemon juice, liquid smoke, and chipotle seasoning) can be found at Aldi.  Give it a try-- don't measure anything and just see what looks and tastes good!

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